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AVOID – Split (Kill It)

Wednesday, April 6th 2022 – A band out of Seattle that most of us know and love, and are closely familiar with have released their second video in a month. AVOID (Seattle, WA) are coming into 2022 swinging. While their tour with Fit For a King, Silent Planet and Hollow Front comes to a close, they definitely do not want anyone to forget who the fuck they are and that they’re just here to have a damn good time.

We know what these five are capable of and this video portrays precisely what they came here to do. ‘Split (Kill It)‘ displays AVOID’s versatility and heavier side while paving the way for their newest album.

“Split is the in-your-face ripper! We wanted to show both sides of where AVOID is going next with the singles we put out, and we feel like this really helps set the tone (along with COWABUNGA) for what you’re gonna get” 

Benny Scholl (Vocals)

Recently, AVOID has signed to Thriller Records and premiered two of their newest singles ‘COWABUNGA‘ and ‘Split (Kill It)‘ on SiriusXM, respectively on Octane and Liquid Metal a few weeks ago. These two tracks have set the tone for the future of AVOID as they continue to evolve their sound. While pulling in the heavier notes from their 2018 release ‘Alone’ they’ve done well to meld in a much more melodic, high paced, edgy and wild vibe. We’re just along for the ride.

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