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AVOID and Truth Under Attack take on Seattle

AVOID, Truth Under Attack, Dead Lakes, Osatia, I Am Infamy, and No Home

March 9th, 2019
El Corazon, Seattle Washington

There’s an unmistakable kind of magic that flows through a crowd during moments of emotion and excitement at any show. The more intimate nature of El Corazon only makes that feeling more intense. Between a final goodbye to Truth Under Attack and a tearful performance of ‘Buried Til Grey’ from Dead Lakes, Saturday’s show was not in short supply of nostalgia, excitement, and musical therapy. What was more was the incredible energy coming from the crowd. El Co was packed with fans of every band, including the instant favorite, Hotdog Guy.

Opening the night, No Home got the crowd hyped instantly. The band is fresh off the release of their new music video for ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’, the performance for which came off strong. Their message is powerful, “Hope exists if you let it, you are not alone.” These words were echoed by the crowd, felt as though Craig was talking straight to each person directly.

Following was I Am Infamy, who is never shy with the more theatrical aspects of putting on a show. Their sets always bring the energy and this show was no different. Their heavy new single ‘HVTE’ really drew the crowd’s attention and held it.

Eagerly awaiting new music, fans of Osatia came through to show their love and support for the band. “Osatians”, as their fans are called, filled the pit ready to receive that ‘We Care’ good vibe to hold them over until new music is released. With a song that has affected so many, there’s even a dedicated “We Care Wednesdays,” there’s no denying the emotional solidarity felt by the whole Osatia community. With a crowd of people singing along, it’s obvious just how connected the band is to their fanbase, and even with a few mic cut outs, they played a great set. After seeing them a few times, this was by far their tightest and best sounding set and we are looking forward to catching them again at the Hard Rock on April 5th, alongside Vessels and No Home.

Dead Lakes’ ‘Buried Til Grey’ was one of the most emotional moments of the night bringing vocalist Sumner Peterson to tears almost immediately. Surviving a moment of “music therapy” as he called it, and later a near headstock head-shot from band mate Cody Hurd, Sumner entered an all embracing crowd feeling entirely within his element. Dead Lakes is never in short supply of hype as each member is in constant motion. Looking across the stage it’s apparent that every member is dedicated to their craft as well as connecting with their fans. They, like many of the bands on this bill, have definitely left their mark on the Seattle scene and are constantly hard at work to stay relevant and bring new content to the masses.

Back for one night only, Truth Under Attack played its first show in 5 years and, sadly, their last show ever. For many fans this was the final goodbye we needed. “I feel like people gave a shit and we never did a last show. And I felt like we owed it to some people. So I took away that I was right,” said bassist Keegan Chapman. The crowd was absolutely thrilled to give them a hell of a send off and the energy was at a high with everyone singing along and not a body standing still. The band expressed a great appreciation for all the love with Chelsy Hancock saying “Thank you every single person for supporting us no matter when, You guys were awesome amazing fans, and we wouldn’t have been able to do what we did without it.”  Though everyone is moving on to different endeavors, you can support drummer David Cubine by checking out his new indie pop band, Sea Salt.

Headlining their first home show of 2019, AVOID absolutely slayed their set.  These five amazing and talented musicians were fresh off the road in support of Eyes Set to Kill, and they still brought the heat. When it comes to AVOID, the pit is never calm and this night was proof that these boys can still bring it. Benny Scholl has energy in spades and it shows. With eyes on the stage it is apparent that these five musicians work hard to keep their presence at a maximum. For every home show I have a been a part of, AVOID has never failed to keep the crowd engaged and tonight was no different. Jason Daggett holds a very in your face attitude while on stage constantly keeping the front row and everyone else engaged during ‘28 Days’. Nick Olson and Luke Ryder have such an amazing performance compatibility that it rivals even some of the larger and well known bands. Between all the jumping and stage hype, it’s a damn good thing that Paul Jaton can keep time.

This show was fantastic, organized and highly entertaining. With great music, incredible musicians, and a crowd of happy and friendly fans, I can honestly say I didn’t want the night to end. Remember to  always and forever support your local scene!

Review By: Amanda Scott