DRAGGED UNDER: The World Is In Your Way

Let us take a moment here and appreciate the hustle when it comes to breaking through in the music industry. Not only has Dragged Under gone through a number of members and a name change over the last couple years, but they have more than cultivated quite the lineup. This group of amazing gentlemen have persevered through their difficulties and manage to land a spot opening for The Used on a sold out tour,  while also promoting their ‘No Days Off’ headliner with scattered dates across the US. On January 17th, Dragged Under broke through the barrier releasing their debut…

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REVIEW: Rockstar Energy Drink Disrupt

Austin, TX – June 22nd, 2019, As with nearly every concert we have been to in Texas, it was expected to be hot.  Ninety-Two (92) degrees hot to be exact, adding in the 80% humidity, it felt like 101. For a Seattlite, that was ridiculous as we normally only reach those temperatures near the middle to the end of August. Needless to say, we were prepared to take on the heat and were ready for the day.  Austin360, is a large open venue with minimal shade from the sun. Two large canopies were provided to escape the heat and were…

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