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Rockstar Disrupt Festival

The Rockstar Energy Drink Disrupt Festival is just around the corner and knocking at the door to Summer. As far as we can tell, the majority of cross-country music festivals have been phased out, and Disrupt is more than ready to turn up the heat. With some of the largest names in rock today, as well as, emerging artists who have already carved the path for themselves. Daily varying line-ups will feature: The Used, Thrice, Circa Survive, Sum 41, The Story So Far, Atreyu, Sleeping With Sirens, Andy Black, Four Year Strong, Memphis May Fire, Trophy Eyes, Meg & Dia, Juliet Simms, and Hyro The Hero.

Covering 25-Cities across North America, Disrupt is said to be unlike most festivals with such a large roster. One band will be playing at a time to avoid scheduling conflicts and overlap. This will allow concert-goers the ability to fully enjoy the festival without feeling the need to rush. No more picking and choosing which band to catch, or sprinting across festival grounds to a stage and managing only the last song of your favorite artist’s set. Like most festivals, there will definitely be installments for some of your favorite lifestyle brands and other awesome pop-ups, if you’re coming be sure to check them out as well.

Scene Stories NW is more than excited to be in attendance during the Austin, TX date on June 22nd. Come on out and say hello!

How will the day of plan out?

We’re excited that there will only be two stages. Firstly, each set will run about 30 minutes on the Festival Stage starting around 1:00pm. Before moving from the festival grounds to the Main Stage at about 6:00pm for the larger acts and longer set times.

Check out the set time for your venue below:

What can we expect from this lineup?

Andy Black dropped a new album earlier this year ‘The Ghost of Ohio’ which is the counterpart to his graphic novel of the same name. Sleeping With Sirens announced that they’re writing new music, and Kellin Quinn revealed the color palette for the upcoming album art through his mics on Instagram. Thrice is still holding true their late 90s sound. Memphis May Fire dropped a new single back in April, featuring Andy Mineo. This festival is filled to the brim with Pop-Punk, Punk, Rock, Emo and Hardcore sounds. Disrupt will definitely have a little bit of something for everyone who has been following the rock scene.

We’ve seen most of the bands in this lineup perform in local venues around the sound, so we are really excited to see what they’re going to do on the larger scale.

Check out the dates below and be sure to get your tickets.


21 JUNEDos Equis Pavilion. Dallas TX
22 JUNEAustin360 Amphitheater, Austin TX
23 JUNEThe Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands TX
25 JUNECoral Sky Amphitheater, West Palm Beach FL
26 JUNE MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheater, Tampa FL
28 JUNECellairis Amphitheater, Atlanta GA
29 JUNEPNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte NC
2 JULYSt. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater, Syracuse NY
3 JULYBudweiser Stage, Toronto ON
5 JULYXfinity Center, Mansfield MA
6 JULYPNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel NJ
7 JULYXFINITY Theater, Hartford CT
9 JULYJiffy Lube Live, Bristow VA
10 JULYDTE Energy Music Theater, Clarkston MI
12 JULYHollywood Casino Amphitheater, Tinley Park IL
13 JULYLegend Valley, Thornville OH
14 JULYRuoff Home Mortgage Music Center, Noblesville IN
15 JULYHollywood Casino Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, MO
17 JULYFiddler’s Green Amphitheater, Denver CO*
20 JULYFive Point Amphitheater, Irvine CA
23 JULYWhite River Amphitheater, Auburn WA
24 JULYFord Idaho Center Amphitheater, Nampa ID
26 JULYNorth Island Credit Union Amphitheater, Chula Vista, CA
27 JULYAk-Chin Pavilion, Phoenix AZ
28 JULYIsleta Amphitheater, Albuquerque NM
* – Not a Live Nation Date

Last of all, bringing any empty 16-ounce Rockstar to recycle at the main gate will allow you to jump the line and also be entered to win a signed festival guitar as well as an exclusive meet & greet with festival headliners.

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The 10th Coming of blink

I’m not going to lie, this is painful to write. As someone who has been a longtime blink-182 fan, I’ve become emotionally invested in the music that this group releases. Though honestly, blink has been there and has been a staple of my teenage years and my early adult life, even if some of their music or choices where seen sith disagreement. But, in case you missed it, there is a brand new blink 182 tour with Lil Wayne and Neck Deep.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of blink performing with Neck Deep is something memorable. Even stated by the band themselves; “Never thought we’d get to say this: WE ARE DOING AN ARENA TOUR IN THE US WITH @blink182 & @LilTunechi” (sic). Which in the grand scheme of things is great, you have a powerhouse band such as blink, and the kids who grew up listening to them get to open on the same stage as their idols.

But the idea of Lil Wayne on the tour with them? That one is a little strange to say the least, but who knows. Maybe it’ll be great and we have nothing to worry about. Though, personally the redo of “What’s My Age Again?” with most of the vocals being traded to Wayne and even him using an already made song (A Milli). Which ended up sounding like someone wanting to really make this mashup work.

Some have stated that maybe Lil Wayne is old school skater punk and he chose to perform with blink because of his friendship with blink drummer, Travis Barker. Others may find nostalgia in seeing such pop icons live again, and be more than welcoming to the change. All and all, the music industry is abuzz right now with so many different projects its shocking that we can keep track of it.

Looking around the internet, one can see a distinct touch back to a previous time in which a rapper has found themselves in the same situation as our current. That’s right, the Jay-Z and Linkin Park album. Many moons ago, we had the cross pollination of new metal and rap, which sold well enough. Though currently, it’s seeming to be that this new attempt at mixing the pop punk kids with the older rap kids.

Don’t forget that blink 182, Lil Wayne and Neck Deep will be playing the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater on August 30th at 7:30 pm. The next day, August 31st, they will play the White River Amphitheater at again, 7:30pm. Presale tickets are out now and general ticket sales will start May 10th. Save those paychecks.


NEW: Angels and Airwaves

September 2nd, 2012. Angels and Airwaves (Airwaves) closed with The War, just before a set list created by All Time Low. Though after that song, Airwaves went quiet with their musical decisions, releasing a couple of albums (The Dream Walker and …of Nightmares) as well as Tom DeLonge going off to work on his Sekret Machines project, along with his UFO finding career moving full speed ahead. Fans assumed that maybe Airwaves just wouldn’t tour again, or might be just done after three years of waiting. Until today.

Released April 30th 2019, Rebel Girl is the newest song off of their fourth studio album. (Which as far as I’m personally aware is still unnamed. Though do correct me if I’m wrong.) The new song gives us a fresh taste of Airwaves and what can be expected from the upper atmosphere, pop punk (now) four piece. Recently spoken by DeLonge in a press release about the new music, he explained that “’Rebel Girl’ is a space-age love song that combines my enduring obsession for New Wave, pop punk and anthemic rock and roll music.” He also made a joke about his current To The Stars Academy, his journey in the Arts and Sciences..  “As some of you might’ve heard, I recently took a brief minute to start up an aerospace company,  so you never know — I may play this song from a satellite deep in space, beamed toward everyone’s house viciously on repeat.”

In honesty, the new Airwaves is a synthetic take on the pop punk genre in itself. Not too many are seemingly breaking the mold, so a large power group such as Airwaves creating a new pop punk sound is a nice surprise. Adding on, the last year gave us Ilan Rubin, David Kennedy and Matt Wachter which are all joining DeLonge on his newest musical journey. Personally, I do feel as though this album is going to feel like blink 182’s Neighborhoods in its final form. Though listen to the song, choose for yourself.

DISGUISE: Motionless in White

 Chris Motionless - Warped 2018 by Sara Scott Chris Motionless – Warped 2018 by Sara Scott

Announcing their new album ‘Disguise’ which is set to drop in June, Motionless in White has released two songs, ‘Brand New Numb’ and title track ‘Disguise’. It has been two years since Graveyard Shift was released and the time has finally come for something a little new. Sticking true to their original sound and adding a little more, it appears that Motionless in White has taken a slightly more mainstream approach to Industrial Rock, and I’m not at all disappointed.

While both songs are catchy, and by all means impressive, Brand New Numb has got to be my favorite of the two. The slight change in sound that it brings really pumps me up, and it has definitely been added to my gym playlist. Disguise comes at the listener with a little heavier and in your face beat which stays closer to the sound MIW is known for. Both songs are available on all streaming services at this time and I cannot wait to hear the rest of this album once June rolls around.

If you’re able to get out there and support Motionless in White. They’re only two days into their tour with Atreyu. Check out the remaining dates listed below.

Motionless In White // Atreyu // Wilson tour dates:

4/15 – Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall

4/16 – New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues

4/18 – Corpus Christi, TX @ Brewsters

4/19 – Odessa, TX @ Dos Amigos

4/20 – Lubbock, TX @ Lonestar Pavilion (KFMX Radio Show)

4/22 – Lincoln, NE @ Bourbon Theatre

4/24 – Green Bay, WI @ Green Bay Distillery

4/25 – Fargo, ND @ The Sanctuary

4/26 – Minneapolis, MN @ Skyway Theatre

4/27 – Madison, WI @ The Sylvee

4/29 – Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s

4/30 – Wichita, KS @ The Cotillion

5/2 – Springfield, MO @ The Complex*

5/3 – Peoria, IL @ Monarch Music Hall*

5/5 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection

5/6 – London, ON @ London Music Hall

5/8 – Lynchburg, VA @ Phase 2

5/9 – Knoxville, TN @ The Mill & The Mine

* No Wilson


I have been sitting on this article for almost a month now, but I think that the time to release it is today. In light of #NationalSuicidePreventionDay, the guys of Osatia definitely deserve this massive shout out. To be completely honest, there are a lot of people out there who say that bands have saved their lives, but what really happens when a band has your back completely? What happens when an entire fan base rises up in support of others who are in the same predicament? Osatia happens. Osatians rather.

Just this last weekend, Osatia has been making waves within the music world. Between all of their hard work, and efforts to bring you new music, this amazing group of gentleman had the opportunity to open for Andrew W.K. at the Showbox Market in Seattle. This huge step is definitely an eye-opener for the Seattle Scene, and a welcoming one at that. Not many of our friends, or family in this case, get the opportunity to play the big stage with such profound and prolific artists. The fact that Osatia had the opportunity to open for the King of Partying was simply amazing.

Like many others I was able to witness this rise. The positive and uplifting experience of the night was better than one could imagine, even though there were a few technicalities that needed to be addressed. Things someone may not notice, especially if they’re not familiar with the band playing, or not sure what they’re going to expect out of the opening act. The only issue that I can pinpoint, was that is was absolutely difficult to hear Alex, but this definitely was not his fault, and if you didn’t know the songs? It didn’t matter. Every other aspect of the night was beyond amazing and the guys deserved it. Honestly.

So what comes next? On September 21st, the guys will be releasing a special acoustic version of their newest single ‘We Care’. Leading up to this new version, you can catch a teaser by calling: 213.394.0526.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed in the slightest. That being said, knowing and having a band like Osatia means the world for many young fans. Fear of reaching out is real, but having seen this fan base grow from the near beginning only increases my faith that these guys will go far. The very meaning behind ‘We Care’ is to know you’re not alone, to know that there are people out there willing to listen, to know that we really are all in this together and that those closest to you will not see you as a burden. You’re not.

Following the announcement of ‘We Care (Acoustic)’ there has been an outpouring of support from all over the globe. Quickly bringing up the facts that those who struggle with their Mental Health are not alone. The story has quickly unfolded and more people have already started coming forward in seeking that support. With that ability to talk freely with others you hardly know is amazing and I have witnessed such strength in all of these individuals. It may still seem like there hasn’t been much forward progress in the way that we approach mental health, but it is clear that with constant positivity and open minds we are taking strides to destroying the stigma.  This is what we need in our lives, the openness and willingness to listen and be heard. It isn’t a one way street and it does take a lot of time and effort to get to a place where you feel comfortable to talk about our personal lives in such a way.

Having been a member of the Osatians community, I have seen the ever growing support. So I figured I would reach out and see what people had to say about it with the following question:

What does Osatia mean to you?

  • “To me, Osatia means family. People that I can trust and depends on.” -Rachel

  • “Osatia means family[.] I can talk to any one of the band members and they don’t judge me whatsoever, they are very chill and caring dudes. They saved my life many times. Also they are a very talented group of fellows!”  -Jayce

  • “A special friend who cares.” -Mae

  • “Osatia: Love and Support.” -Cheyenne

  • Here is what Jared Bailey had to say about the meaning of Osatia as well: “I second the family! In the blink of an eye Osatia turned into something bigger than the members, and greater than the music. People who never had an ear willing to listen now have 10. People who thought life was hopeless are finding joy, those who felt they didn’t belong are now the most integral members of this community.”

That being said, keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground.
I have heard that they’ll be releasing a wave of 2018 tour dates soon!

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If you’re familiar with the Seattle Music Scene, you’re definitely familiar with The Home Team. Or at least have heard of them in some regard. Made up of five talented musicians, The Home Team has taken Seattle by storm, and also a majority of the West Coast as they have done a number of tours following their 2014 release titled ‘Blacksheep’. Brian, Rob, Ryan, John and Daniel do a fantastic job staying true to the DIY scene and are constantly working to bring their best to the table. 

Today marks a turning point in their journey as it has been officially announced that they have signed with Revival Recordings alongside Seattle locals: Avoid and Versus. Not only have amazing strides been made, they’ve released a new single off of their upcoming record which is set to be released sometime in 2018. Head on over to New Noise Magazine to catch the premiere of ‘Fashion Forward’ and also add it to your Spotify Playlist. 

If you love what you hear, or maybe you already know, be sure to catch The Home Team as they make their way down the West Coast alongside The Second After and Bleacher Days. For you Seattleites their next local show will be on April 14th at the Vera Project. Also make sure to follow The Home Team for news, dates and releases!

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As most of you are already aware Josh Wildhorn, of Designer Disguise, has undergone extensive treatment against leukemia. His treatments started the week following his diagnosis. After various rounds of chemo which grew more aggressive with time it had become clear that the treatments were not effective in eliminating the cancer. In December of 2016, Josh had began an experimental therapy in which the CAR-T cells are extracted and reprogrammed to fight cancer and by the end of the month Josh was cancer free. 

Come hang out with Designer Disguise, Osatia, I Am Infamy and Beyond the Woods on April 21st for a benefit concert to help raise money for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Enjoy some awesome tunes by even more awesome people all while donating to an amazing cause!

To read more about Josh’s Battle with Leukemia and to donate to the Fred Hutchinson Center for Cancer Research check out the GoFundMe started by Jackson Bengtsson, Designer Disguise. They’ve got some amazing reward brackets as well!






This year is really shaping out to be a fantastic year for our music scene and recording artists. With a few lineup changes and, as many of us know, Josh Wildhorn’s  battle with leukemia, Designer Disguise is no stranger to adversity. This definitely didn’t cease their progress which was visible when they released their Sophomore EP and hit the road with I Am Infamy in September on the Headbands and Heartbreaks tour.

Through missing a few dates because of van troubles, Designer Disguise did exactly what they do best. They persisted and worked through the issues. 2018 is going to be a strong one for these gents, I can feel it. Now, in February, they have dropped their second music video, this time for ‘Surface’ , the title track from their most recent EP.

Between watching the video which premiered on TATTOO.COM, and knowing this group of hardworking and dedicated gentlemen, it’s easy to see that soon they’ll be taking the Seattle Scene by storm.

Jackson Bengtsson, vocalist, is excited about the band’s ability to stick together through the hardships that they have faced. This year Josh Wildhorn will be taking the stage after a long awaited return. “…’Surface’ is about being stuck and not able to express yourself and therefore losing touch. Writing and recording the song helped me to move past some of those roadblocks and I now feel closer to my friends and self than I ever had.” Jackson had said in regards to the band’s progress.

Be sure to catch Designer Disguise live, if at all possible, as they have an amazing stage presence and solid sound. These gents have worked rigorously to get where they are now and watching them live is completely different (in a good way).


Surface by Designer Disguise is available on all major platforms. If you like what you hear, be sure to give them a follow!



TOARN Releases ‘Jonah’

As the first month of the new year comes to an end it is more than apparent that many of our local bands are planning to take the year by storm. Among them is the Christian deathcore/metal band, Toarn who released a new video for their song ‘Jonah’ on January 26th. This is the first song off of their upcoming album The Dying Flame.

One thing that is true about the human experience as a whole is that we all struggle. We struggle with depression. We struggle with acceptance. We struggle with confidence, with love, hate, anxiety, sin. Identity is such a huge part of who we are because, well…it identifies us, doesn’t it? On the surface that seems so vague, really. But identity goes deeper because what we show on the outside isn’t always what we are on the inside. Then there are times when those lines get muddied and we can’t remember anymore; Are we the King or the pauper? Do we really love, or are we actually hateful? Are we good? Or are we really the monster in the shadow?

Not all of us struggle with our identity, but for those that do, ‘Jonah’ is a song we can grasp onto like an anthem for the days when confusion leads. Those times when we feel like a little kid caught trying on their parents’ grown-up clothes, like we don’t belong in this place that we somehow find ourselves in. Mikey Smile’s lyrics bring us into the dark struggle while his guttural tone and soft whispered voice lead us through the contradictory emotions that swirl inside us at our weakest moment.

Even if we can’t see it in the moment, we have hope.  You see, “there’s a mind in the darkness, that only light can ignite. So ignite the flames in my soul. Get me out of this endless hole. I am Jonah. Take me home.”

Toarn’s Redemption Tour with Deathbreaker kicks February First at 10:05 in Olympia at Le Voyeur. If you can’t make that, they’ll be tearing down the coast, hitting Nevada and Utah before shooting through Idaho and back to Everett. Seriously, if you can’t make anything, make the Everett show. They’ll be closing out their tour at Tony V’s with AVOID and with those three bands in one venue, that’s not a show you want to fucking miss (Unless you’re me and sadly stuck in the hellhole of Texas).

The Dying Flame – Available February 23