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OPINION: The ‘One Good Song’ Paradox

Recently, I’ve been exploring my musical horizons. But not in the sense of listening to different genres, I’ve been looking down at the guys with the debut albums and their first ever European tour just right around the corner. For sake of musician respect, I will not be listing any bands in particular. But maybe a week ago, I saw my friend’s post on Facebook “What is the deal with these bands and their hate for vowels?” And I chuckled to myself, thinking nothing of it. Though that day it hit me, SWMRS (Swimmers), PVMNTS (Pavements?), WSTR (Waster, Alexa told me). Truth be told it was mildly frightening, nobody wanted to admit he was justified in his question. But the true shock occurred when I thought about the music in my ever changing playlist. It was good. Strangely, good.

I decided on my favorite from the playlist, and opened it’s album. The shock was the first song that played. It sucked. Genuinely, it was something I was not expecting from the band who released such a good single. I sat back on this thought and attempted to find other artists, but the single song always stuck out on it’s own. Four out of five times, the results came back the same with the single. It’s incredibly popular, it’s incredibly good,  but it’s the only song everyone cares about. I don’t understand why but it happens and it’s still happening. I’ve come to know and love a group based on a song, or a prior album and whatever else they have just doesn’t click.

One may think, “Are you even listening to it all?”. Truth be told, yes. I listen to it all, the whole album and a few times to be certain of my thoughts. It’s a massive bummer when you enjoy everything about the song, it’s got the bassline that catches your low side, the solid drum work which keeps your head at a constant bounce, or the skills of the guitarist call to your personal air guitar, and quite possibly even the lyrics are the catch for you. But something in that experience causes you to attach, so it’s always strange when you explore an artists, only to find that you just can’t get yourself to like them. Needless to say, the stuff I like is on my playlists, and the stuff I don’t, stays off.

Theron Puckett
Local Coffee and Pop Punk Enthusiast