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DRAGGED UNDER: The World Is In Your Way

Let us take a moment here and appreciate the hustle when it comes to breaking through in the music industry. Not only has Dragged Under gone through a number of members and a name change over the last couple years, but they have more than cultivated quite the lineup. This group of amazing gentlemen have persevered through their difficulties and manage to land a spot opening for The Used on a sold out tour,  while also promoting their ‘No Days Off’ headliner with scattered dates across the US.

On January 17th, Dragged Under broke through the barrier releasing their debut album ‘The World Is In Your Way’ which reached #8 on the iTunes Alternative Album Chart and #18 on Billboard’s Top Alternative New Artist. It’s also notable to mention that these guys were already raking in the streams with three of their singles off the same album: Here For War, Hypochondria and Chelsea. Spotify has clocked in more than 1.7 million streams, YouTube has reached over 180k views and a combined social media following of 421k. Did we mention that they have done this all while unsigned? Needless to say the dedication and support is impressive.

Our thoughts on the album

‘The World Is In Your Way’ was produced by Hiram Hernandez of Earth Says Studios and was mixed/mastered by Matt Good, this album is hard hitting with some enormous hooks that will have you dancing in your seat, and hopefully at one of their shows. If you’re a fan of Rise Against, A Day to Remember, or Beartooth you will not be disappointed with the music these gentlemen bring to the table. Your ears will be more than thrilled as they are met with a dash of early 2000s punk rock, a sprinkle of hardcore punk and a generous topping of melodic hardcore. Dragged Under definitely brings it to the table with catchy riffs, aggressive choruses, and a fast paced tempo.

The only downfall to this album is that we cannot pick a favorite song, as all of them are exceptional. Granted we have got to give a huge nod to ‘Chelsea’ as the one track that has stood out the most. The chorus is an ear-worm for sure, but the meaning behind the song hits pretty deep, especially if you’re in a relationship which has gone through the highs and the lows, but you still remain together.

The World Is In Your Way

1. The Real You
2. Hypochondria
3. Roots
4. Here For War
5. Instability
6. Chelsea
7. Covered In Sin
8. Riot
9. The Hardest Drug

What you can expect live

As for seeing Dragged Under live? Unless you already have a ticket for The Used, your best bet would be to see them on their ‘No Days Off Tour’ Headliner. There are scattered dates which will be outlined below, but we can promise that you will not be left unfulfilled. Each member of Dragged Under possesses a commanding aspect in their stage presence, and each night they kill it while they give the art their all. We were able to catch and shoot their set while they were in Portland, Oregon and heck, do we have to say that they have improved immensely since the last time we’ve seen them in Seattle. Not saying that they weren’t impressive, but it proves that this is the road these five have earned and were destined for.

Heavy bass drops, high paced vocals and extreme amounts of energy. Their set-list consists of seven songs: ‘Here For War’, ‘Riot’, ‘The Real You’, ‘Chelsea’, ‘State of the Union’ (Rise Against), ‘Instability’ and ‘Hypochondria‘. The crowd was more than captivated right out of the gate with ‘Here for War‘ and it didn’t slow down for a moment. Between Tony, Hans, Josh and Fluff it was surprising that no one fell off the stage and I am pretty certain that Tony had bashed his shins on the barricade climbing back out from the front row. On Sunday, Kalen definitely broke a sweat as Hawthorne Theater was cram packed at capacity, but he pulled through and didn’t show any signs that he was about to stop. All in All? They’re crushing it and we look forward to seeing what else they’re capable of.

If you missed your chance to see them in your city, don’t be discouraged as there will definitely be more in the near future. Be sure to add, like, follow, stream and share their music with your friends and also don’t forget to support your local music scenes. Your presence means the world to these bands and will also help continue the production of underrated artists who have the potential to make it.

Photos and Article by Sara Scott of SSNW