We are only four months into 2019, and Osatia has been making some pretty big moves. Signing to We Are Triumphant, announcing a West Coast Tour, two features for Alex Pasibe with Saving Vice and Designer Disguise, both of which are remarkable, but what really brings it full circle is Osatia’s release of ‘All in Time’ which dropped on April 5th.

After a few years away and member shifts, Osatia brought us all ‘We Care’ which is a stellar and great way to break back into Seattle’s local scene after a small hiatus. The song began to slowly pick up the pace until it was rolling full speed the second Ghost Killer Entertainment [GKE] dropped a bombshell on starving youth. There have been many positive movements that owe their birth to the re-emergence of Osatia.

These five individuals, along with the support of their label, have created a group called ‘Osatians’ giving fans a place to really be themselves. Sharing in grief, sadness, the ups and downs of life, celebrating wins, but also giving a voice to those who would be silenced by the stark reality of society. These are just a few of the accomplishments Osatia has made over the last few months.

‘All In Time’ focuses the listener into the patience and desire it takes to create a life worth living. Facing the hardships and difficulties with the obstacles, people, or our own minds getting in the way of achieving what it is that is sought after in life. The cohesiveness of ‘All In Time’ really hits all of the high notes when it comes to a well put together and produced song. In the end, the moral of the story is to be patient and determined with achieving your dreams. Use the hate from the naysayers as fuel for the fire to continue on.

Kendall Johns brings ‘All In Time’ to the light, with his expert videography and lighting. The one thing that caught my attention were the cables from the back lights. They stand out and look a little misplaced, while everything else is polished and on point. Other than the one con, the cinematics feature confluent color correction and sharp synchronization with the song. While choppy, the video overall has great flow sticking true to the Artwork of Kendall Johns.

The new single, ‘All in Time’ is featured on Spotify’s ‘Crash Course’ and ‘New Punk Tracks’ playlists, be sure to follow Osatia through all social media platforms and streaming services.

Coming in May Osatia kicks off the All In Time Tour’ with Devil in the Details and Anever in Boise, Idaho.



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