This year is really shaping out to be a fantastic year for our music scene and recording artists. With a few lineup changes and, as many of us know, Josh Wildhorn’s  battle with leukemia, Designer Disguise is no stranger to adversity. This definitely didn’t cease their progress which was visible when they released their Sophomore EP and hit the road with I Am Infamy in September on the Headbands and Heartbreaks tour.

Through missing a few dates because of van troubles, Designer Disguise did exactly what they do best. They persisted and worked through the issues. 2018 is going to be a strong one for these gents, I can feel it. Now, in February, they have dropped their second music video, this time for ‘Surface’ , the title track from their most recent EP.

Between watching the video which premiered on TATTOO.COM, and knowing this group of hardworking and dedicated gentlemen, it’s easy to see that soon they’ll be taking the Seattle Scene by storm.

Jackson Bengtsson, vocalist, is excited about the band’s ability to stick together through the hardships that they have faced. This year Josh Wildhorn will be taking the stage after a long awaited return. “…’Surface’ is about being stuck and not able to express yourself and therefore losing touch. Writing and recording the song helped me to move past some of those roadblocks and I now feel closer to my friends and self than I ever had.” Jackson had said in regards to the band’s progress.

Be sure to catch Designer Disguise live, if at all possible, as they have an amazing stage presence and solid sound. These gents have worked rigorously to get where they are now and watching them live is completely different (in a good way).


Surface by Designer Disguise is available on all major platforms. If you like what you hear, be sure to give them a follow!



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